Thursday, 16 May 2013

DWP Trip up...

Beware, read all letters from the DWP carefully.  If you receive a letter from the DWP and you don't agree with its content say so, if you need to appeal against a decision tell them, don't miss that opportunity.

Some of these letters are time-limited and if you miss the date, "the law says you didn't tell us on time, so we made our decision".

"We're not without feeling" - they will say, "we understand that you had all this going on in your life", BUT you missed the date...  Wagging finger..!

Don't get caught out.  Ring your nearest CAB for their advice if necessary, it's free.


Chill 4 Us

Caring is sometimes a lonely time, not at all the career path you would have chosen.

The website Chill 4 Us brings together Carers from far and wide offering support and comfort to those going through similar lives...

Chill 4 Us is a website 'cafĂ©', for Carers run by Carers and is open 24 hours a day.  Pop in for a coffee and chat.